Sep 09

Pre-Wedding Party: Friday, September 11th, 6:00 – 9:00PM

On Friday, September 11th from 6:00 – 9:00 PM, Liz and I will be hosting a small pre-wedding party at our apartment. We wanted to ensure that we got some time to meet with friends and family, particularly those who are travelling from far away.

While Saturday’s the big day, our worry is that in the hustle and bustle of things… we wouldn’t be able to spend a lot of time with everyone. So we decided on a fairly laid back, relaxed party on Friday.

We’re ordering up some pizza, and should have some beer/wine available. Feel free to stop by for as little or as long as you like.

Note though, that this isn’t a requirement. Liz and I know many of you are arriving in Chicago on Friday, and may either have other plans or may prefer to just relax in your hotel rooms. By all means, please feel free to do so.

We wouldn’t want anyone to feel obligated to come to our Friday party – after all, Saturday’s the big day. But if you want to swing by, and want a little pizza to boot… consider yourself invited.

Getting to Liz and Felix’s Apartment

We are at 2724 West Logan Boulevard, on the NE corner of Fairfield and Logan Boulevard (just one block east of Logan and California). Our apartment number is 2W, and our building has a small yard in front that’s surrounded by a black gate.

View 2724 W Logan Blvd in a larger map

There are a few ways to get here. First off, you can travel by CTA. There is a Blue Line stop at California, which is very near our apartment. Once you leave the California Blue Line station, take a right and begin walking down California Avenue. Three or four blocks later, you should arrive at Logan Boulevard. Walk across Logan, take a right, and walk another block. We’re right there on Logan and Fairfield.

Alternatively, you can easily cab it to our apartment from downtown Chicago. The cab ride should be in the neighborhood of $14 – $18 dollars. There aren’t a lot of cabs near our apartment, but we can call and arrange a cab to pick you up and drop you a your hotel, after the party.

Sep 09

New Ceremony Start Time – 4:00 PM

Originally, we had mentioned that the start of the wedding ceremony would be 3:30 PM. Things have been a little up in the air lately, and the official start time for the wedding is now 4:00 PM.

If you arrive early, no big thing. But I wanted to post an update, just in case. See you in a few days!

Jul 09

New Hotel Rates: Palmer House, Hilton

I just received notice that we have a new discounted rate with The Palmer House – Hilton.

Previously, we were able to get a 15% discount. Now, we have a fixed price for rooms of $185. This fixed price is valid from September 6 – December 31, 2009. The Corporate Discount Code to use is: N9886981.

If, by chance, you’ve previously booked a room at the Palmer House at a higher rate… please contact Felix, and he can try to get this adjusted for you.

Use this link to make a reservation. Although at the moment of writing (1:58 PM CST, July 17th), I think they may actually be updating the page. So this should work after today, once things are updated. If need be, you can always call them direct.

For more hotel options, make sure to look at the Hotel section on this site.

Jul 09

Invitations Are In the Mail!

Wedding Invitations - Hoppily Ever After

Wedding Invitations - Hoppily Ever After

Liz and I got the designs done, and all the invitations printed, stamped, and shipped! We’re both pretty proud of the design, and are quite happy with the way things turned out.

If you want to take a peek behind the scenes, take a look on Felix’s blog. We’ve got tons of photos, and a play-by-play of how we put the invitations together, start to finish.

Jul 09

Lincoln Park Zoo

Liz inside the Lincoln Park Greenhouse

Liz inside the Lincoln Park Greenhouse

This is just a test to practice inserting images. If you’re interested in seeing more, check out the photos/videos from when Liz and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo back in 2006 (it was actually my first time).

Jul 09

Wedding Blog Officially Launched

Well… it’s not official just yet. This site is launched, but as of now I’m going to be fiddling around a great deal over the next week.

The invitations are very close to done, and should be out in the mail in the next day or so. And since we’ve added this URL to the actual invites… we probably should clean up a little around here.

This is my first official site I’ve launched using WordPress. So far, I’m messing around with the PHP and CSS, and tinkering with the “Pages” option. Expect a few sample entries as tests.

Since a lot of our wedding planning is documented on my blog, we’ll likely just keep wedding-specific updates here. Informational stuff mostly.

If you have questions or want to get in touch, feel free to leave a comment here.

And now… off to go tinker with the code a little more…